Childish acts as a software freelance agency. Our goal is to help the growing number of freelance programmers or small IT companies have access to larger projects so that they can easily promote themselves, and at the same time help clients who are looking for flexibility in working on their projects but want the security of an intermediary company. In order to be able to fulfill our goal to create a network of 2000 freelancers in Bulgaria, it is important for us to be honest and transparent to our partners - both clients and professionals.
How it works

I am a developer

Access to interesting projects
You keep your freedom
After all, you are part of a team
Clear and transparent conditions
Possibility to change a project

I am looking for a team

You get a team without an employment contract
A mediator who manages the team
Commitment only for the duration of the project
Projects from 1 to 18 months
Possibility to replace a specialist
Request a team
For working hours per day *
Client office
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