We help enterprises build their robust solutions with Python, data science and AI
Python is used in virtually every industry and scientific field that you can imagine, including: Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Computer Science Education, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Game Development, Medicine and Pharmacology, Biology and Bioinformatics, Neuroscience and Psychology, Astronomy, other areas such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, business, meteorology, and graphical user interface development.

Building robust and enterprise-grade solutions requires strong technical expertise. Our teams bring valuable strong technology expertise, insights and knowledge to Python projects, in addition to valuable experience across solution and industry domains. We are excited about all the new technologies and sky of opportunities that Python offers and we are ready to share them with our clients. We can help you with a vast range of projects including:
Web Development
Python is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level and stable programming language, one of the reasons is that it offers concise and readable code. Several IT giants like NASA, Google, Yahoo!, Instagram and Spotify among many others rely heavily on Python.
Django | Flask | SQLAlchemy | Symfony
AI and machine learning
Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based projects are obviously what the future holds. Python plays a vital role in both through a vast range of specialized libraries like Scikit-learn, Keras, NumPy, NLTK, Caffe, TensorFlow, Pandas and others.
Keras| TensorFlow | NumPy | Pandas | NLTK
Data science
Data science has become fuel for industries, if you are not using the tons of data you produce, it is time to start. Python helps use data for predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus decision science), and ML.
Scrapy | Selenium | NLTK | Matplotlib | AI | ML
Internet of Things
Python has a large set of libraries for IoT and embedded system devices, more than any other language.You can connect anything - object or thing with internet with the help of Python. We are using it for production machines management and video object detection
PLC systems | MQTT | PWM | Industrial IoT
Python teams
We create great teams who work together quickly, efficiently and produce great products. Our social causes, the positive spirit and exciting projects makes our team a team of stars. Apart from Python, we have strong expertise in Angular and React, as well as UX and DevOps.
Recruitment | PM | SCRUM | QA | DevOps
Product development
With our tech and business knowledge combined we can help you through all stages involved in bringing a product from concept or idea through market release and beyond. UX is the connecting step between concept and software development, a step which should not be omitted.
UX/UI | Architecture | Roadmap | UAT | Release
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Fabrico: Digitalization for industrial plants

Fabrico is a cloud based solution that integrates ERP functionalities, is accessible from anywhere in the world, can collect information on the principle of SCADA software, process video data and uses data science and AI to perform analysis.

The solution is designed for production plants and is focused on manufacturing machines, as the main module organizes the tasks for the maintenance and repairs of the machines and unites streams of key information about their condition. The "Machine maintenance" module has the following key benefits:

  • supports the technical department in the organization of its work
  • focuses the team on preventive rather than reactive service
  • gives assurance to the management that the technical condition of the machines is under control
  • significant reduction of unforeseen repairs
  • reducing the loss of revenue from unforeseen non-operating time
  • optimizes production costs
  • optimizes the cost of spare parts
  • meets key requirements of ISO 9001:2015

The entire Fabrico platform is based on modules, which allows each installation to be individualized to the specific needs of each customer. The modern solutions and software used in the development of the product allow adaptations of each module to the needs of the production, as well as the development of a completely new individual solution, in accordance with the requirements of the client.

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Ready-made cloud solution
Fabrico is a system that has already been developed and is operational, which after the appropriate adjustment and integration can be used without the risk and unpredictability of developing a complete custom solution for your production. However, our team is extremely flexible to adapt the ready-made solution to the needs of a specific company.
Eager to expand as per your needs
Fabrico is a module-structured solution. In addition to the core module, the system can be extended with many other modules. The software is entirely developed by our team, which remains focused on upgrading the system and building new modules that follow the successful user interface and structure of the solution.

Case studies

Fabrico: Digitalization for industrial plants
Python, Angular
NLP development for pharmaceutical company
Python, Angular
React development for a Construction industry solution
Angular, React
Delyan Ruskov, Structor.io
Delyan Ruskov, Structor.io
“We’re now managing the frontend in-house, but it’s easy for us to go into the code and understand how things are moving because of their high-quality development work.”
A. Bahtev, CEO, MNDB
A. Bahtev, CEO, MNDB
“They are good with big data, really good. Trust their advice. They’re knowledgeable and can create a product better than you imagined.”
G. Moore, Co-founder, FactorIoT
G. Moore, Co-founder, FactorIoT
“During the development process they were proposing solutions, advising us on every step we were in doubt, and we really felt them part of our team.“
Iskra Djanabetska
Iskra Djanabetska
They made everything we wanted, working cleanly and efficiently with no mistakes. They are really great professionals, great people and partners for us
Galena Stavreva
Galena Stavreva
Childish created a much better website than what we had previously. They made helpful suggestions and thought about every detail and how it fits with the bigger picture. Their team displayed excellent product management.
Ilian Antonov
Ilian Antonov
Childish was a capable partner, communicating with intent and ensuring all requirements were understood. Their involvement and ability to work smoothly were key traits of the team. They stuck to our initial budget, and we made some changes for parts that weren’t in the original project free of charge.


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