Top 7 tips for successful online store

Top 7 tips for successful online store

A good online store can boost your sales, as a bad one can ruin tens of thousands of dollars in advertising budgets. Here are the tips:

         1. Choose the right system

This is the choice that you can hardly go back or at least not without efforts. The main dividing line is between ready-made online trading platforms and custom solution. The principle is that with fewer products and expected orders, ready platforms like OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce are a good solution. The price is much lower, and the security they give for that price – huge. In this case, prices may vary between 1000 and 5000 dollars, depending on the functionalities and the upgrade of the main platform. Custom solutions usually start at these price levels and can reach the cost of a team of developers if we talk about a large-scale trading platform.

         2. Invest in design

In the online store, the customer does not see the seller, the website is a seller. If we compare the first customer meeting with the landing on an online store, the outdated, boring design with wrong banners in illogical font is like buying cheese from a seller whose clothes are dirty with machine oil. Invest in Design!

         3. Invest in User Experience Design

Today we are not just talking about graphic design but about designing the user experience. Remember, as you can easily reach your clients on the internet, you can easily lose them. If the homepage of your online store loads for 4 seconds, it loses about 40% of everyone reached your site. If on the next page one waits for another 4 seconds just for the “Add to cart” button, it makes no sense to have a third page. Do not save time and money to consult a UX / UI designer or specialist.

         4. Pay attention to SEO

The most difficult task – over 70% of Google search clicks go to the top 5 results. This is the task we still have, and we should not miss. Write articles as far as the page allows, but do not copy, Google understands this. Take time for product pages and keywords, make sure you also tag your photos. Try the site to be mentioned on many other sites. There is no way to list all the steps, but these are a good start.

         5. Add all the extras

Do not miss the details. An online shop must have several payment methods – do not say that your users are accustomed to cash on delivery. You probably need integration with courier companies, online chat, feedback form, product comments. Trends add new and new ones that users quickly get used to. It is not punishable to look at the competition or top brands to get ideas for.

         6. Marketing

Everything here is marketing. Depending on the business model, you can rely on different ways to sell your products but do not skip the step of preparing a clear marketing strategy to follow.  Keep it in mind when you get stuck in thousands of orders and deliveries …. we wish you those thousands orders!

         7. Do not forget the product

An on-line shop is a real business where the website is just the sales platform. Keep the product in mind.

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