About Us

Childish is a software development company. Our name comes from our values – we admire and preach honesty and creativity in business, hence we treat our clients this way. Someone may call this childish but we know that this is what makes greatest things happen.

We are a team of IT, design and business experts with more than 10 years of experience. We help companies turn ideas into realities and improve their products and services by filtering every step of the development process through the eyes of the client. When we were children we heard the saying “The client is God!” and we follow that.

The childish belief that gathered us together is the belief that we should get back to society, this is why our company is designed as 50% owned by one of the most meaningful NGOs in Bulgaria in the recent years – Podarete kniga / Give a Book Foundation. Half of the profits of the company will be supporting the initiative Podari vreme / Give Time. We are Childish because we believe that all children should have the chance to reach their potential, and we are even more childish because we work for this.
Blagovesta Pugyova
Chief Executive Officer

Blagovesta Pugova is a manager with over 10 years of experience and talent in managing and inspiring people. She has worked as a financial consultant, business development manager, and her last position is Chief Operating Officer at JobTiger. She is also the founder and president of the “Give a Book” foundation.
Andrey Nonchev
Chief Technical Officer

Andrey Nonchev is a programmer with 12 years of experience. Besides working in different companies, his experience as a freelancer makes him a complete and responsible full stack developer. His main experience is PHP, but he is getting closer to polyglot.

How we are different

We will advise you

We are skilled consultants, who understand your vision early, challenge and elevate your thinking, and amplify your impact.

We are creative

We will not just deliver, we can provide service innovation  to make the services you offer more profitable and improve the experience for your clients.Ние не само ще доставим, можем да осигурим новаторски услуги, за да направим услугите, които предлагате, по-изгодни и да подобрим опита на вашите клиенти.

We keep our promises

With our senior developers and designers we can commit that you will receive what you have ordered. Within all agreed deadlines and peace of mind.
We are the only Bulgarian company whose majority shareholder is a foundation working for public benefit. Give a Books is holding 50% of the shares of Childish Ltd. and thus ensures that all profits will be equally split by the working partners and the cause that they have chosen to support. Both of the other owners are one of the most active volunteers in the foundation.

Give a Book is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country and a bold innovative educational institution that has its own teachers and is struggling more and more children to be functionally literate. The initiative is working with thousands of children since 2010.
  • Network of 800 volunteers
  • Supporting 1000 children living in institutions in the country
  • 21 teachers working for functional literacy of children

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