Web Development

Python is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level and stable programming language, one of the reasons is that it offers concise and readable code. Several IT giants like NASA, Google, Yahoo!, Instagram and Spotify among many others rely heavily on Python.

AI and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-based projects are obviously what the future holds. Python plays a vital role in both through a vast range of specialized libraries like Scikit-learn, Keras, NumPy, NLTK, Caffe, TensorFlow, Pandas and others.

Data science

Data science has become fuel for industries, if you are not using the tons of data you produce, it is time to start. Pytho helps use data for predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus decision science) and ML.

Internet of Things

Python has large set of libraries for IoT and embedded system devices, more than any other language.You can connect anything object or thing with internet with the help of Python. We are using it for production machines management and video obejct detection

Python teams

We create great teams who work together quickly, efficiently and produce great products. Our scoial causes, the positive spirit and exciting projects makes our team a team of starts. Apart from Python, we have strong expertise in Angular and React, as well as UX and DevOps.

Product development

With our tech and business knowledge combined we an help you through all stages involved in bringing a product from concept or idea through market release and beyond. UX is the connecting step between concept and software development, a step which should not me omitted.


Childish is a software development company. Our name comes from our values – we admire and preach honesty and creativity in business, hence we treat our clients this way. Someone may call this childish but we know that this is what makes greatest things happen.

The company is designed as 50% owned by one of the most meaningful NGOs in Bulgaria in the recent years – Podarete kniga / Give a Book Foundation. Half of the profits of the company will be supporting the initiative Podari vreme / Give Time. We are Childish because we believe that all children should have the chance to reach their potential, and we want to work for this.

How we are different

We are focused in Python

We are experienced programmers focused on Python. We are not good at everything, we can't do everything, but we are extremely good at all the developments and endless possibilities of Python, Django and Flask. 

We are creative

We will not just deliver, we can provide service innovation  to make the services you offer more profitable and improve the experience for your clients.

We keep our promises

With our senior developers and designers we can commit that you will receive what you have ordered. Within all agreed deadlines and peace of mind.

Our expertise




Enterprise solution
IoT in production
Machine learning
Communcation platforms
Mobile applications

Other expertise

Custom software development
Web development
Project management
Product desgin and UX

We really felt that they are our partner, not just another vendor.

On the second day we reached a record number of sales! Childish ended everything in the way we imagined it, and even better. They responded to each of our requests and gave us ideas.

Our assignment did not foresee all the details, given that we had a very short deadline for a very large project. Even if we knew the deadlines were overwhelming, Childish did it in time, with a completely finished product.

Best workflow ever, our relations continue even now because we have a new project and for sure this is best IT development and support we ever had. Our requests and need are satisfied on 100%, very fast !

Beyond development, Childish played an advisory role throughout. They proposed solutions to technical challenges and offered suggestions to address client doubts. The final MVP exceeded expectations.





Office Bulgaria

31 Alexander Malinov Blvd.., Sofia, Bulgaria

Office United Kingdom

18-22 Finchley Rd, London NW8 6EB, UK

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